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asciidan and j33pd0g have been changing the world since 1990 with their innovative ideas and inventions. With very little effort and copious amounts of caffeine, the two have dreamed up ways to make Earth just a little better place to live in.

Here at, you’ll find a vast storeroom of just some of those ideas, posted whenever they get around to putting together bad Photoshopped pictures of each must-have thing.

Feel free to rip us off, but be aware: We’re watching you. And if you steal without proper attribution ¬†or perhaps a kickback when you’re raking in the dough, there will be H-E-double hockey sticks to pay. For realz.

Enjoy. And if you have any ideas you’d like to share, or if you’d like to become part of this elite think tank of idea machines, please let us know.